Example fixture
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Construction products are a classic case of applying basic engineering principals to produce a huge result. Products found in commercial construction must meet the customers needs, have a reliable capacity, and be dirt cheap. The items above are considered commodity items, and margins on a lot of these can be razor thin. Profit comes from quantity, so designs must be highly optimized to ensure that no material is wasted.

Another feature of concrete accessories is their wide tolerance for installation. Skilled and unskilled labor will install thousands of these a day using no more than a hammer at times. The more room left open for installation, the easier it is to use, and the more competitive the product. When you put yourself in the shoes of the person repetitively nailing a washer plate in place, it's easy to see how small product frustrations multiply into a huge issue when quantities are high.

Designing for construction offered me the unique opportunity to be the lead engineer on multiple products, giving me a foundation for basic engineered design, while also creating a conscience for human safety, as nearly all of these products could directly impact the life of a person. Engineering ethics should be the number one priority for all industries, but especially construction.

Christian Petty
Mechanical Engineer